4k plus whitening night cream

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4k plus 5x whitening night cream is the ultimate solution for the most of major skin problems. The incredible ingredients help to whiten, moisturize, tighten skin and more. Besides, there are many things that it does, which helps to make healthy skin for your face. If you want to improves the face looks and appearances, it may be the perfect choice for you. Most of the man and women faces problems like acne, scar, and dried skin. This cream is formulated to fight these problems. Here are the key benefits of 4k plus whitening night cream.


Skin lighten and brighten
It contains Alpha Arbutin, a super ingredient that is responsible for skin lightening and brightening. Alpha arbutin, a natural ingredient is extracted from the plants such as bearberries, blueberries, and cranberries. It is a great alternative to hydroquinone. It decreases melanin production. As a result, You get a light skin.

Hydration is very important to prevent wrinkle and dryness of the skin. Hydration is the direct drinking water of your skin. This cream contains collagen that is responsible for hydrating your skin. It also strengthens the skin and contributes to skin elasticity that helps to remove wrinkles from the skin. It also helps to produce other proteins to build healthy skin.

Moisturizes skin:
It also helps to moisturize the skin as a regular moisturizer. It cream causes hydration and moisture on the skin. The antioxidant properties of this cream help to prevent infection on the skin and protect skin from dryness and environmental pollution.

Acne removal:
It also works against acne. As it fights against bacteria and other infections. Your acne will be removed naturally. The bacteria and dirt are the main responsible for acne on the skin. If bacteria and dirt are removed, Acne will be clear quickly. 4k plus night cream will also accelerate the process.

Minimize pores:
The pores are responsible to for wrinkle-free looks and attractive looks. The fewer pores, the more beautiful looks. Although pores are not completely removable, it can be minimized. 4k plus whitening cream helps to reduce pores from your face.

Ginseng, Alpha arbutin, Glutathione, Lotus extract

How to use it

Cleanse your face and apply before going to bed. Then left it the whole night. Use regularly for best and quick results.

Country of origin: Thailand

Net content: 20g

Suitable for:All skin types

Target area: Face

Target time: Night

Made in Thailand

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